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TOO FACED | Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette | SWATCHES

It has been a while since i upload anything. I have been soooo tied up with work , my weekends were reserved for resting. Sometimes, I don’t think I have rested during the weekends and it feels like i have only had taken a few blinks , then the workweek had started.

I hope i can do more swatches for you to see because I LOVE eyeshadow palettes so much (although i only have a pair of eyes, ironically) So the first post of YEAR 2017 ….. is the TOO FACED Sweet Peach eye shadow palette!!! I was waiting so long for it to arrive. And I got it on SEPHORA.MY for RM238 on the 26 Jan 2017, instead of RM199 (the last I check once they were all made officially in all SEPHORA stores on the 2 Feb 2017.) Good thing was, they arrive right before Chinese New Year. I GOT THIS PALETTE THE NEXT DAY AFTERNOON. It was so fast. But I wished they didn’t charge extra. I could have waited, if they told me that the palette will be back to it’s normal price on official in-store launch day. I would hold out buying it.

Anyway, let’s look at the swatches, shall we?

Swatches from the top row. I had them swatched using brush (left) and finger (right). and the bottom is with eyeshadow primer, to see how they work on bare skin.
Swatches from the middle row. This row has got to be my favourite row – all the colours compliments the colour next to each other. I had them swatched using brush (left) and finger (right). And the bottom half of the arm is with eye shadow primer, to see how they work on bare skin.
Swatches from the bottom row. I had them swatched using brush (left) and finger (right). The bottom is with eyeshadow primer, to see how they work on primed skin and without.

It is a no brainer to use an eyeshadow primer before applying any eye shadow. Although most of the colours from this palette shows that they can do without it, which is pretty impressive (I have no idea about the length of wear without eye shadow primer). Some of the colour payoff looks identical with brush & finger. But I find that applying with finger makes the colour stay true to what you see on the pan and a little more pigmented. FINGERS – BEST GOD GIVEN BRUSH ON EARTH. This palette smells like fresh peaches. YUMS!

After row by row swatches, I felt like I need to apply them all onto one arm just so you can see how they compare next to each other. These are swatched on primed skin.



I hope you enjoyed looking at the swatches (I salivate looking at  other people’s swatches) . You might probably be thinking if you should purchase this, and if you will be using this on a daily basis, thinking about how many looks can you get out of this (like how I did)

This is a really fun palette to have. I kinda (secretly) wished it has more peach shades and textures to it. Do you feel the same after looking at the entire swatch? Nonetheless, I love this palette, I think I never really have one that talks about peaches. Most of them are neutrals or warm tones kind of palette, so this was a special eye shadow palette to have and it didn’t run too far from allowing me to create my everyday natural look, office natural look, weekend laid back look, effortless look, no-makeup makeup look, party glam look, day-to-night look, dinner date look, romantic look and oh-so-good-to-travel-with-because-I-can-create-so-many-looks!

See, it does sound like this palette(of everything)  will save you more bucks right? Untill the next NEW PEACH eye shadow palette comes into the market (from whichever brand) , I think that all of us will agree that this is our current perfect everything natural eye shadow palette. LOL!!! 😀


Would you like to see makeup tutorials on asian eye (well, my eyes) using this palette?