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The Smoulder Look feat. Urban Decay Smoky

Hey ya! Here’s a new pictorial on smokey eye look featuring the Urban Decay Smoky palette. This look is simple yet looks gorgeous. Lets get started!



As always, prime the eyes. I am using the Benefit Cosmetics Air Patrol to help my eye shadows adhere better to skin.

UDSmoky_Smolder-022 | BASE

Set the base right with a matte nudish colour. This is the colour #COMBUST.

UDSmoky_Smolder-033 | CENTRE LID

Set the centre of eyelid with #RADAR .

UDSmoky_Smolder-044 | SHADE

This is where you start patting on a shadow shade to give the eyes a dimension. I used #SMOLDER at the inner and outer corner of the eyes. This deep purple is so deep that when I apply onto skin, it turns into a ashy grey purple shade.

UDSmoky_Smolder-055 |  BLEND

Always blend. And it is not that hard once you found the natural contours of your eyes. For this look, i try to smoke it out into a cat-ish shape.

UDSmoky_Smolder-066 | HIGHLIGHT

To give mor contrast to the eye shadow, I used #DIRTYSWEET to pat at the middle of my lids.

UDSmoky_Smolder-077 | DRAMA

Now its time to add a little bit of drama by shading along the outer and inner lower lashline. You want to stay as close to the lash line as possible. Here i used #SMOLDER and #DIRTYSWEET at the center lower lids right under the iris.

UDSmoky_Smolder-088 | CLEAN

Sometimes the application under the eyes may be a bit too much and it could only enhance the look of dark eye bags rather than a sultry smokey eye. Use a cotton bud to clean any unwanted lines or fall outs underneath the eyes.

UDSmoky_Smolder-099 | MASCARA

Last but not least, Curl those lashes and apply several coats of your favourite mascara. Over here, I am using the KISS ME Impact Frame and curl for length , volume and curl.


And this is the SMOULDER LOOK!! Hope you like this finished look!