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skincare review : b.liv off with those heads

Gawdddd. this must be one of the most naked pictures i have taken of my face. Other than my brows on and skincare, this is practically my naked face. Before I begin let me introduce to you to such a skintype…

  • oily
  • sensitive (red patches and reacts to skincare with red patches, tiny bumps in patches & tiny pimple-like spots when unsuitable)
  • large pores
  • dehydrated (hence oily)
  • blackheads & whiteheads around nose , T-zone and cheeks
  • post acne blemishes

Me being the typical asian living in this tropical weather, I have that typical tropical skin type, you’d prolly have either one of these or all of it . So lucky of me for having all of it. And perhaps these are also genetic. Adding to that, I love to makeup. It’s my nature to makeup and you can’t tell me not to, because it would kill me not to be able to apply makeup at all.

Of all reasons, large pores tends to keep makeup, no matter how much you remove your makeup with 2 steps or 3 steps removing routine, you will still have clogged pores that will lead to whiteheads & blackheads. But, by having a good makeup removal routine, one can minimize the outbreak of acnes, whiteheads & blackheads.

Since, I love makeup & my skin is also oily & sensitive on its own, I tend to take my skincare routine very seriously. I got to try Off With Those Heads by b.liv  selling at all SASA stores in Malaysia. Never had heard of any product like this before in the market ; one that helps to clear blackheads + whiteheads by just applying something. No peeling.

I tried it for about 3 weeks now and my skin have been transformed! You have to read on to find out!

This is a clear gel that I applied after my toner. Pumped 2-3 pea-sized onto my palm and then I applied onto my T-zone areas & my cheeks. After 1 week, my pores accumulated lesser gunk . And at the end of the 2nd week, I noticed that my pores are smaller. Although I still have blackheads & whiteheads, they are relatively so much smaller in size and my skin is much less oily during the day.

Also, always a PLUS > no sensitive skin reaction. What a huge relief.

Now, you must be asking, so…you still have blackheads & whiteheads?! Well, yes. I still do. And I still need to squeeze them all out (not the most appealing word for your imagination, but yes) . However, they come off so easily during extractions as compared to the time when I don’t apply this gel. That means, this product not only minimize the size of my blackheads & whiteheads, it also soften my blackheads & whitehead so that they come off easily. What a good product is this?!

Additional info about this product: Off With Those Heads

  • it is formulated with tea tree oil, witch hazel extract & aloe vera extract
  • it has powerful antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which helps acne formation while also expedite the recovery process of new acne.
  • is a powerful solution dedicated to soften clogs at open pores for easy and painless white & blackheads extractions in just 14 days of application.
This shot was taken after 3 weeks of using Off With Those Heads.


Made potent by beauty salon formulation, b.liv was developed with multiple functions and an affordable personal skin care regimen. Each b.liv product requires hassle-free application, is the simplest and risk-free skincare range which young proffesionals in a hurry can incorporate into their daily skincare routines.

With a belief in delivering effectiveness & sattisfaction, all b.liv and b.seen products are sold with 100% money back guarantee; no questions asked. If a product does not deliver up to the customer’s expectations within 14 days of purchase, a full price will be refunded*. Customers who expereince faulty equipment (e.g. faulty pump) may also have their products exchanged for a new one.

b.liv’s other information are available at

*excludes postage fees.


paiges 😉