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Rose, Gold & Burgundy

This makeup is a little different from all my previous ones. Because its a colour so different yet so wearable. From a far, it seemed like brown, but its so unique that people would stopped and asked, is this brown colour? (I know my friends did) Burgundys are my favourite colour for the eyes if you want something different but not too overly shocking. So it is totally wearable.

For this look, you can use similar eye shadow colours, it doesn’t need to be the Lorac Unzip Palette. I personally love rose gold colour and this palette definitely gives a more warmer tone rose rather than a cool blu-ish tone which will make my eyes looked rather like bruised than sultry.

1 | To begin, always start with a primer. Over here, i am using MAC pro longwear paint pot in the colour #SOFTOCHRE on the entire lid.


2 | Then, I am gonna move in with a base colour. I am taking this antique rose colour #UNCONDITIONAL to go on the outer ‘V’ and lower lash line.


3 | at this point, i am still layering the lids with matte eyeshadow. To add some warmth and depth, i went in with #UNSPOKEN a medium matte brown colour at the inner and outer ‘V’ as well as bringing the remaining to the lower lash line.


4 | to make my eyes appear 3 dimensional , apply #UNDERCOVER a white shadow right at the centre of the lids and gently blend out to the darker shadows.


5 | by now, i have layed out all the base,shadow and light areas . We move on to shimmers to give it texture. This will also give the shimmer a more solid base colour to work on |  #UNNATAINABLE at the middle of the lids | #UNSENSORED for the inner and outer corner of the lids.


6 | BLEND BLEND BLEND the edges with a clean fluffy brush.


7 | Using a shadow liner will soften your liner look. It gives more depth and smoke effect. Over here i am combining #UNBRIDDLED + #UNTAMED to get the most out of the warm burgundy look.


8 | This is the highlight because its my favourite item in the entire look. Instead of using a black colour eyeliner, why not with a burgundy? :)


9 | The special effect is the highlighting liner. You can skip this step if you are uncomfortable with the shine. This has the highest shine and i applied as illustrated below to highlight the inner lower lash line and below the outer liner.


10 | To finish, layer mascara for that clumpy lash look. Or if like, you can go ahead and apply falsies for that added drama.

LoracUnzip_Pictorial-10THE FINAL LOOK

LoracUnzip_Pictorial-11 LoracUnzip_Pictorial-12 LoracUnzip_Pictorial-13 LoracUnzip_Pictorial-14

Would you prefer a pictorial or a video for this? Let me know!