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Etude House 101 Play Pencil

This might NOT come to you as NEW. But. I have been raving about this Etude house 101 pencil. It’s not your ordinary liner for the eyes or the lips. Its for your cheeks too.. And brows , and concealer.

Depending on the colour and the texture. Some comes in different finishes; gloss, matte, satin. So, some pencils can only be used for certain areas. But nonetheless, its an interesting product to have. Have i mentioned that i love burgundy colour for makeup? Yes I do. And its pretty evident in my collection too.

EtudeHouse_Play101Pencil_11Oct2015-01 EtudeHouse_Play101Pencil_11Oct2015-03

Fromthe left: #23 is a glossy burgundy red that can only be used for the lips, unfortunately. Layer that and you get a high gloss vampy lip colour. #32 is a matte thistle colour that can be used as eyeshadow, eyeliner, blusher even. If you want thistle colour cheeks :/ . #44 is a shimmery bronze colour. Bronze goes with any skin tone. I LOVE bronze colours. #40 is a shimmery grey-ish bronze colour. Also from the Bronze family. #46 this is like rose gold shimmer. Can be used as eyeliner or eyeshadow. #30 is a matte radiant orchid colour. Can be used as an eyeshadow, lip, eyeliner and blush. #87 is a Satin deep brown with tiny glitter particles. Can be used as eyeshadow and eyeliner. #86 is a matte burgundy colour with a tiny bit of purple undertone to it. Can be used as eye liner, eye shadow, lip liner , lip colour and even blush!

EtudeHouse_Play101Pencil_11Oct2015-04I bought more after this. 😀 I LOVE it. The possibilities were endless. I like endless possibilities when it comes to makeup. The 101 play pencils are pigmented. But be careful of matte ones. They tend to dry faster than you think.

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