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Crazy for Crabs – Oasis Square, Ara Damansara

Anyone loves to eat crab? I personally love to eat crab as i am always on the lookout for good crabs to eat near my house, or Klang Valley at least…it still is very hard to find a good one. Among my all time favourite flavour for Crabs is “Kam Heong”. It was made of curry powder and another all time favourite is salted egg.

If you love to eat crabs and love the flavour of curry powder, do try it in “Crazy Crabs” at Oasis Square, Ara Damansara. They have about 4 flavours of crabs in their menu.

“Kam Heong” Crab. Which means it is cooked with curry powder and curry leaves. Very aromatic and full of flavour.

One thing i love about this is that the flavour was so rich and the curry is dry enough. It is a little spicy. The flesh of the crab is excellent! Juicy and you can still taste how fresh it was. According to one of the hmm..owner, he said that apparently the “Kam Heong” was NOT in the menu but some customers asks for it..so they made it… I must say..this is pretty darn good a dish whoever the customer requested for…

These crabs were cooked with salt. The owner said that this goes very well with beer!

I have heard of how delicious a crab being cooked in the most simplest manner tasted the best. This was a good first try. I tasted freshness off the flesh. I find some parts of the flesh a little too salty for me. But i have to give credit to how good the flesh still tasted like despite being cooked with salt. Because you get to taste the natural sweetness off the crab’s flesh. Alright…too much “flesh” word here..I m beginning to sound like some flesh eater.


Pardon my bad memory, but I think this is in Chinese they call it “Lai Yau” Crab. Means cooked with Butter & Milk. Very milky. Can’t take this in too much because the richness makes you get full very very quickly.

My summarry about the crabs i’ve tasted in “Crazy Crab”…. All the crabs tasted fresh and remains true to its own flavour. Nothing like wht i have tasted so far in Klang Valley. Well not that i have tried alot in Klang Valley but this is really by far the best Crabs I have tried. Price for the crabs : RM80 / KG

Some other dishes we had the other day….

Chicken wings are generally my favourite. It tasted very good too.
I don’t usually take Lamb…because… I don’t know how to appreciate lamb. But another girl who ate it said that the lamb was her favourite among the other dishes!

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Crazy Crabs
Oasis Square, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya
Daily for lunch & dinner. Tel: 03-7859-8802
Other pictures :
Sarah (in White with long hair) : Rich husband!!! Rich husband!!
Ernest (in Blue T-Shirt) : Ohhh…okayy…
From left: Me, Grace Yap, Kate Lee, Nicole Foong and Sarah.


Have you tried “Crazy Crabs” before? Tell me your experience. :)