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BioTHIK @ Avillion Port Dickson

Earlier last week, I got an invitation to experience the BIOTHIK active happening at the Avi Spa, Avillion Port Dickson.
The BioTHIK hair care ranges form shampoo to serums for hair growth to hair fiber.

First was a demo of the products. I am very impressed with the hair building fiber really. Its like the first ever product in the market that helps you cover hair loss without clogging the scalp. After & Before using the Hair Building Fiber.
output_cSmLXz After & Before using the Hair Building Fiber.
 L to R : Rozzana Chung (Leading trichologist in Malaysia) , Dr Irina, Berecca Lee, Joe Thye (CEO of BioTHIK) & Samuel (Leading HairStylist )
L to R : Rozzana Chung (Leading Trichologist in Malaysia) , Nik Nur Aida Binti Nik Omar (Senior R&D chemist of BioTHIK), Berecca Lee (COO of BioTHIK), Joe Thye (CEO of BioTHIK) & Jason Chu (Guest Celebrity Hairstylist) I love Jason Chu’s bow tie.

  DSC05241_editRozzana Chung, a leading trichologist in Malaysia, said: “Healthy lifestyles support healthy hair, and keeping a healthy scalp is really the start for full, thick and beautiful hair. Feed your hair with good nutrients and be aware of hair thinning ranges from imbalanced diet, poor hygiene, genetic traits, and environmental pollution. Choose products with that have harmless chemicals like SLS, paraben, synthetic fragrances, artificial colourings, while not neglecting to seek the advice of professionals.”

We were then led to the AVI spa rooms to experience the Folliplus Factor (For Her) its an essential Oil Therapy Series that doesn’t leave your hair greasy at all.


DSC05316_editHow well do you know about hair health? Some hair fun facts:

  1. Hair loss may be due to poor diet, you can’t go on a diet by simply not eating anything, your body needs some nutrients to keep the hair healthy. So you could be loosing your hair if you are on an un-recommended diet.
  2. Food for hair health | Zink (which can be found in most shellfish), protein (like chicken breast meat ), Vitamin C and collagen.
  3. We have on average each person 150,000 strands of hair and it is normal to have 80 strands of hair fall a day.
  4. The length of hair, long or short is not the reason for hair loss.
  5. You are advised to wash your hair everyday to keep the scalp clean.
  6. Avoid hair charges that will make your hair go frizzy. Combs made of plastic charges the hair hence contributing to its frizzy-ness.
  7. Hair will stop growing after it falls for the 25th time. (Saddest fact ever)

I did a vlog of the event, please click  the video below and watch as it contains things that were not covered in this blogpost. 😉


BioTHIK® ActiveFull range of the BioTHIK home Clinicare Tri-System:

Folliplus Factor For Him and For Her (RM130 each)

Hair loss for men and women are not the same, hence they are made base on gender balding patterns & needs.

FOR HIM | promote hair growth in male pattern baldness. Specially formulated with natural Pea Peptide that serves as stem cell booster. fight against male pattern baldness. It prolong the active hair growth phase,promotes hair growth and reduce hair falls.

FOR HER | Sow down the aging of hair follicles in female pattern baldness. enhanced formul with swiss apple stem cell extract and pea sprout extract that are capable of fighting against the hair follicle aging process. it prolongs the active hair growth phase, promotes hair growth and reduce hair falls.

Hair Building Fiber (RM90)

to add volume to existing hair in just 30 seconds* it is scientifically formulated to increase hair volume instantly in a natural way with 100% natural keratin fiber. This comes in 2 shades ; Black and dark brown.

Fiber Locking Mist (RM49)

Locking and securing fiber in place all day long. sceintifically formulated to secure hair fiber application to last longer, through wind and sweat. Hair building fiber are locked in place for better effect.

Protein Keratinized cleanser (RM49)

For fresh and strong hair. It is a gentle daily scalp cleanser with fruit acid and carob free oligopeptides, suitable for any hair types of scalp. It leaves a fresh scalp with no excessive sebum, hairbreaking force increase by 40.9% and promotes soft & moisture for the hair.

Protein Keratinized Conditioner (RM49)

Hydrating and cuticle restructuring effect. Enriche with mongongo oil which is able to form a protective film on hair under UV exposure. Suitable for any hair especially chemically  treated damaged hair . Promotes sleek & protected hair.

BioTHIK Active Clinicare Tri-System’s range of products can be found at major pharmacy stores nationwide.

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About BioTHIK®

The BioTHIK® range of scalp care products is the culmination of extensive research and development undertaken by T-Biomax Sdn Bhd, a company that was established in 2000 to develop innovative and effective solutions to meet increasing scalp problems. The BioTHIK® range of products is now available in several major cities around the world including Singapore, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Indonesia, Finland and Brunei. For more information, please visit our website at

About T-Biomax Sdn Bhd

Established in 2000, T-Biomax stands as a leading scalp care expert in the salon industry with a range recognised as a trusted scalp care expert, delivering distinction with science-led innovation across the scalp and hair care spectrum, and to promote beauty with confidence. Internationally, T-Biomax is located several major cities around the world including Singapore, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Indonesia, Finland, and Brunei. We believe in a simple philosophy; producing products with performance and value, and focusing on our expertise on scalp care.

I had to thank BioTHIK for such an amazing experience. The place was simply breathtaking and inspiring too.

Till then,