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NEW! SISLEY Summer Phyto-twist Lips & Eyes

Sisley had came up with exciting products! Since its a brand i personally considered as a skincare brand, I had never considered it to have colours, ie; makeup that is. But last 2 weeks, I was invited to the New Summer collection launch at Glass House. I must say, they have quite an eye-opening makeup product line (and Skincare line) that I am very excited to show you.

Introducing the TWIST collection for eyes and lips. They had launched this line in 2014. And now with new summer collection. The texture was so buttery smooth and blendable. Not only that, it has skincare properties so you are sure to care for your skin while putting on makeup.

Phyto-Lip Twist

Ready-to-tint» pencils are in bright colours with a twistable format… Phyto-Lip Twist do not need sharpening and provide adaptable coverage.

• phytosqualane maintains their suppleness and elasticity to ensure they are protected and moisturised
• Commiphora resin extract smooths the lips and contours thanks to its firming effect.

In addition, glossy, film-forming polymers deliver radiance, softness and excellent hold and a glossy ester complex provides the perfect balance between a glide-on application and a soothing sensation.

In 2016: 6 summery shades are being added to the twist collection…
Zebra stripes are still on trend… and on track for a juicy and colourful summer!

I have chapped lips all the time, so i was a little relieved to learn about this lipstick that provides moisture and help to give the lips a plump effect.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 10.24.42 PMPhyto-Eye Twist

The next was the Phyto eye-twist. I love eye make up, and good cream eyeshadows are really hard to come by these days. And i meant those that glides on smooth, you can blend it, and it stays put through rain and shine and the hottest weather in Malaysia.

Phyto-Eye Twist was launched in 2015 with a new design of jumbo twist pencils for the eyes, available in deep and explosive shades for an electrifying look.

incorporated into an imperceptible texture that fuses with the skin, the waterproof formula of the phyto-eye twist is rich in pigments and mother-of-pearl to reflect the light and illuminate the iris.

Ultra-sensory, it is creamy to the touch, glides on perfectly and has incomparable adhesion.And as always at Sisley, it contains a combination of skincare active ingredients to respect the delicate skin of the eyelids: soft and emollient green Tea, Camellia and white Lily.

In 2016: 4 new shades are coming out, giving a skinny or oversize outline.
a highly addictive summer touch to wear on its own or combined for the ultimate in glamorous eyes!

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 10.24.15 PMI was honestly in love with the bronze, gold and pearl shades, they all glide on so nicely on the skin, I am very inspired to make an eye look using them. Except that I don’t have all of them.


There are 3 types of serums here which is : firming, anti-aging and whitening. I haven’t quite come across serums like these. They were usually hydrating serums that I always heard about. So this was interesting.Sisley_25032016_09
I really like the all white packaging of the skincare. If you haven’t knew this already >> SISLEY uses ALL botanical ingredient for their skincare (as well as makeup). I have personally tried the texture of these products, honestly, they do feel and smell luxurious and light.

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