Samsung latest technology – TecTile

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It was the Samsung Get-To-Know Bloggers event + launching their new product, The TecTile. So cool. These TecTiles can be used to program things with your phone, geo-tagging, and many other amazing things unimaginable. So, how many tags can you … Continue reading

Why I need a Spa..

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You will usually see plain white calendar on my desk early in the month. But when it hits the first week, it is meetings once or twice every 2 weeks or a deadline I need to keep an eye on, … Continue reading

Summer Tanning- Part One

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I realised, i like to put up things partially..LOL.. I hope you don’t mind feeling the anticipation. But here is my very first video. I had a lot of fun editing it. I’ve learned a lot and felt a lot … Continue reading